Thomas Dougherty:

Do we have real freedom? The freedom that was promised to us in the declaration of
independence? I look around and see laws, regulations, limitations, and taxes… That is not freedom. The federal government is limiting american citizens to what it has decided to be moral, deciding what’s good for us and what’s not, as if we don’t have the ability to make those decisions for ourselves. I believe that true freedom, lies in the beliefs of the Libertarian party, and that economic prosperity lies there as well.

With the libertarian party in power, Americans would experience a revelation that the United States has not seen since our founding fathers signed the declaration of independence, in essence, it will be a rebirth of the rights that we treasure.

We have an opportunity, to recreate, our country, to transcend the thoughts of our founders into our daily lives, to end the imprisonment of non-violent criminals, to build the economy back to its original grandeur, reinvigorate our educational system, and restore the desire to expand, on the back of private business.

With the Libertarian Party will come a new America, a new citizen, and a new freedom.

Emma Danais:

I want you all to think, close your eyes and listen carefully to the questions I’m about to ask you. When you work, do you get to keep all the money you earned? No.  Was your business ever limited of their rights, their freedom, and their ability to spend the money that they’ve earned? Yes.  It does not seem fair, does it? It does not seem fair that the hard earned money you have spent your time working for, has been taken away or limited by the government. That money that you need to feed your family, to pay the bills and keep your life stable, is headed towards the government. You can’t do anything about it, the government has limited the business you have created. Help me to stop this injustice. I am Emma Danais, and I am the vice presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party.

As a child, my favorite thing to do was to hold lemonade stands on the side of my road. It was my way of earning money to get ice cream from the ice cream truck later that day.  I would spend hours at my driveway with a pitcher of lemonade and a can that said 25 cents. I earned a lot of money in those days, I would get enough money to buy 11 ice creams from the ice cream truck if I wanted to. My lemonade stand was my powerful business, and my hard work paid off in the end. However, later my career took a turn for the worse when my parents realized how powerful my business was. They decided that because of all the money I earned, it was unhealthy for me to have so much ice cream. They limited my business to once a month, weakening my business by a landslide. This was the reason I changed my views into being a libertarian. I had a right to keep my lemonade stand going as long as I wanted to, and my parents had no right to limit me from it. Afterall, it was my stand.

This relates to our government. If a business is created and grown to be great by hard work and lots of thought, it is a sickening thought that after all your hard work, the government will weaken it.As Thomas Jefferson said "My reading from history convinces me that most bad government results in too much government." If I become vice president, the business you create will stay strong if you make it strong. It would be your business, and it is not my right to destroy it.

As a teenager, I voluntarily chose to work for my community. I worked hard for the elders at the nursing home, helped out at the children’s center and helped run race’s. I did this because I wanted to, not because I had to for a scholar program or NHS. Realizing that some kids had to do community service because they had to, and not out of the compassion in their heart, seemed unfair. You should do community service if you want to, not by force. Volunteering should not be to benefit you, it should be to benefit the people that you’re helping. This thought applies in real life to me too. If I become vice president, no one will be obligated to do volunteer work, but they shall do it to help the benefits of the people they are doing it for.

Lastly, I believe that self defense is an important thing to address, and I’d like to compare it to a set of girls who are high school friends. These girls, aren’t really friends, but they need each other’s company to get through their high school’s years. Their “ friendship” could go either way, it could end up in a lot of fights with the things that they disagree on, or it could end up in a great friendship having each other’s back. The Libertarian party’s conclusion to this would be to not be that friend at all, and fend for yourself. This leads to no fights at all, and no dismay between other friends, or in our governments case, other countries. If I become vice president, we will not have allies, for our country's sake.

Being Vice President, I would help make a lot of decisions for the United States of America, and I would make sure to make the right ones.

I am Emma Danais and I approve this message.

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