Thomas Dougherty: Libertarian Candidate for President

Thomas M. Dougherty II, was born in the city of Lowell, Massachusetts, to a middle class family. He is the first of three sons born to Thomas and Robin Dougherty. At a young age his family briefly moved to South Berwick, ME, then to NH.  Dougherty started his education as Carpenter Elementary and then home schooled from 4th to 8th grade.  Dougherty has attended Kingswood Regional High School since the beginning of his freshmen year.  Dougherty pushes himself to take the most demanding classes while going about his work with meticulous detail and a positive attitude.  As well as being a superior student Dougherty is a member of the varsity golf and hockey team.  Dougherty’s sports has taught him the values of communication and collaboration, and to balance of a heavy schedule.  Dougherty piles on working as photographer to his busy schedule.  Dougherty has spent the last two summers working as an assistant wedding photographer and worked with the New Hampshire Counsel on the Arts as an event photographer.  Dougherty’s work has been featured in numerous magazines, including the elusive New York Times.  Doherty frequently volunteers at his church as a student counselor for middle schoolers at an overnight camp.

Since a young age Dougherty has been fascinated by government function and structure.  From an early age he has shown superb ability to think critically about the world around him.  Dougherty is taking his passion to a new level by running as the libertarian candidate for president.  Dougherty’s vision is a non-intrusive government reserved to protect the citizens rights and not act as moral guide nor safety net.  Dougherty’s philosophy is derived from renaissance thinkers and our founding fathers.  He is a strong believer that government’s purpose is to protect the citizens natural rights, life, liberty, and property.  This basic idea, from John Locke, serves as the foundation to all of Dougherty’s policies.

Emma Danais: Libertarian Candidate for Vice President


Emma Danais is a part of the Libertarian party and is running for the position of vice president during this election. Emma was born on July 15, 1997 at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. She was born to Michael and Karla Danais. As a child, Emma spent her time playing with her friends and brothers. She would have numerous lemonade stands, quickly learning the importance of money and business. This love for business grew with her as she aged into a teenager. Emma spent many, many hours over the summer working hard at Bailey’s Bubble. She saved all of her money, but her main pet peeve was when her parents limited her spending. She found this as a violation of her rights, which was the beginning of her beliefs benefiting the reasoning of the Libertarian Party.

Another thing Emma learned as she grew from her family was that voluntarily contributing to the community was a good thing. Knowing this, she spent lots of her hours at the Wolfeboro Children’s Center, the Back Bay snack shack and races benefitting the community. Doing this by choice made her feel good, and she was content that she was not forced to do any sort of work.

Emma is a very involved young woman. When she is not contributing to her community or working, she is spending her time playing sports, hanging out with her family and friends, and working hard at school. Emma is a dancer at Expressions Dance Academy, a swimmer on the Wolfeboro Swim Team, and she also is on Kingswood’s Field Hockey Team and Track Team.  She also is the secretary of the Class of 2016’s student council, and works very hard at making sure her class has the money and support they need to make it to graduation. Emma is a sophomore at Kingswood High School this year, and will grow into a strong vice president.

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